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Mission Statement:

In the Department of Integrative Biology, we embrace and encourage diversity in many forms and are committed to inclusivity among our community members, including all students, staff, and faculty. We define diversity as people of different backgrounds, races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, religions, socio-economic statuses, and more, and inclusivity as an approach where we respect, welcome, encourage, and engage diverse perspectives. Our strength and success as a department, graduate program, and university, is built on the foundation of a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

Additional resources and information can be found on the College's Diversity & Inclusion website

Equity and Inclusion Discussion Group

The Department of Integrative Biology holds monthly meetings of the Equity and Inclusion discussion group. The goal of this group is not to provide diversity training, but to examine barriers and solutions to departmental diversity and equity concerns. The E&I Discussion Group exists to address the marginalization of people in our community. We aim to support the professional growth, esteem, health, resilience, and recognition of our colleagues who are at risk based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. Our main focus is to promote the participation, support, visibility and success of the most vulnerable in our department.

This discussion group has a cross-hierarchical leadership team. Currently, it is led by Professor Steve Phelps, postdoc Desirè Buckley, and EEB graduate student Mackenzie Johnson.

If you are affiliated with our department, we invite you to attend the meetings. In order to do so, please:
1) Familiarize yourself with the Ground Rules which can be downloaded here
2) Sign up for the ib_diversity listserv on UT lists which can be accessed  here


Graduate Program Diversity and Inclusivity

Several graduate programs are associated with the Department of Integrative Biology. You can read about program-specific efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity at the following links: 

Family-friendly workplace resources

We have compiled information on the current policies for parents in the College of Natural Sciences. For more information or details, please contact us. 


Lactation and Quiet Rooms 

All rooms are on a first come, first serve basis.
PAT 339 - First come, first serve. Contact theresa.kelly@austin.utexas.edu  with any questions

NHB 1.320 - You will need to pick up a key from NHB 1.406

EER 2.856 south level - You do not need to check in/pick up a key. Since the room is labeled as a "quiet room" sometimes students use the room to study. If you come across students in the space, you may politely ask them to leave and explain the purpose of the room.

FAC 312 - If you have questions or difficulty accessing this room, please contact the FAC reception desk or call 232-9610.

More locations and information on Lactation and Quiet rooms can be found at the HR website: https://hr.utexas.edu/current/services/lactation-quiet-rooms

Gender neutral restrooms

We have gender neutral restrooms in both Patterson (1st floor) and Biology Laboratory (3rd floor) buildings. The College of Natural Sciences policy is that all single stall restrooms be labeled gender neutral.