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Fall 2015 Updates

Greetings from campus! Did you know that The University of Texas at Austin awarded its first PhD exactly 100 years ago, in Biology?

Or that a 1969 listing of UT Austin PhD students in Zoology lists the first female graduate student in Biology as having become a nun? To uncover these and other little-known facts about the history of Biology at UT, we have initiated the Integrative Biology History Project, which we kick off this month with a short history of Biology at UT Austin, from 1883 until today.

Over the next few months, we will publish additional articles filling in more details. For example, we will describe the evolution of our Biology buildings, we will portray some of the notable early faculty members, such as the Nobel-prize winner Hermann Muller, we will feature early women biologists at UT Austin, and we will hopefully publish some personal stories of UT Austin alumni, maybe even your own? We have set up an online survey where you can share a memory with us, and you can also send us photos or memories by email to IB_History@austin.utexas.edu.

While we have dug through the archives of UT Austin, our faculty members, graduate students, and research scientists have continued to carry out cutting-edge scientific research. Here are two recent examples:

Our department is strong because of you. As a stakeholder in our success, you help distinguish UT IB from its peers, and we need your help financially. In this holiday season, please consider making a gift to Integrative Biology. Giving from alumni, parents, and friends allows us to pursue strategic initiatives such as the IB History Project and to support of our faculty and students in their education and research endeavors.

Generous support from loyal alumni, parents, and friends like you has helped transform the Department over the years.Thank you for your continued support.

Claus Wilke

For more news on the department, please visit our departmental news feed or follow us on Twitter.

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