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Miller-Crews, Isaac

Isaac J Miller-Crews

Teaching Assistant BIO, Volunteer
Biology Instruction Office, Department of Integrative Biology


Office Location
PAT 317

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

I am interested in harnessing comparative and integrative approaches to understand the evolution of social behavior. I aim to explore the roles of neuroendocrinology, epigenetics and sexual dimorphisms throughout ethologically-relevant contexts. I am a graduate student in Hans Hofmann's laboratory. 



Gillette R, Miller-Crews I, Skinner MK, Crews D. Distinct actions of ancestral vinclozolin
and juvenile stress on neural gene expression in the male rat. Front Genet. 6: 56, 2015.

Gillette R, Miller-Crews I, Nilsson EE, Skinner MK, Gore AC, Crews D. Sexually dimorphic effects of ancestral exposure to vinclozolin on stress reactivity in rats. Endocrinology.155: 3853-66, 2014.

Crews D, Gillette R, Miller-Crews I, Gore AC, Skinner MK. Nature, nurture and
epigenetics. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 398: 42-52, 2014.

Undergraduate Thesis
Miller-Crews I. Lineage and life history: Synchronocity of ancestral vinclozolin exposure and
adolescent stress on gene expression and global methylation pattern. UT Digital Repository: