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POPBIO SEMINAR - Megan Raby, UT History Department
Thursday, March 02, 2017, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
Contact schaffer@austin.utexas.edu

TITLE: "Tropical Field Stations and the Global Distribution of Ecological Knowledge: Some Historical Perspective”

HOST:  Larry Gilbert


This talk explores the historical context of present-day geographical biases in ecology. While tropical field sites are generally underrepresented, Panama and Costa Rica are among the most studied countries in the world for their size. This concentration of research is strongly associated with the presence of field stations––institutions shaped by the complex twentieth-century history of US-Caribbean and Latin American relations.
Author info:
Megan Raby is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of American Tropics: The Caribbean Roots of Biodiversity Science, forthcoming in 2017 from the University of North Carolina Press.
Location: NHB 1.720

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