The School of Biological Sciences Field Trip Services has equipment on hand that you may reserve for your field trip.

Equipment available includes:


Transfer Pipets Thermometers Filter Paper
Glue Scissors Ph Buffer solution
Digitals Thermometers Stop Watches Graduated Cylinders
Test Sieves Beakers Squirt bottles
Flow Meters Ice Cube Trays Sample Trays
Clip Boards Measuring Tapes Marking Flags
Ysi Meters Radios Camping Cookware
Gloves Rulers Nitrate Test Kits
Waders Soil Kits Membrane Kits
Phosphate Kits Safety Goggles Lanterns
Light Meters    

Additional special equipment is available upon request. Please use the Equipment Request form for all equipment requests.

In order to make a request, please fill out the online forms. Emails will not be entertained.

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