Field Trip Vehicle Reservation Information for Integrative Biology


Vehicles are reserved for Integrative Biology courses scheduled through the Biology Instructional Office.

Our courses offer field trips to many places such as: Lady Bird Wildflower Center, Hamilton Pool, Zilker Park, Mayfield Park, Cotulla, Texas and McKinney Falls, to name a few.

All vehicles are reserved on a first come first serve basis, with the exception that class related field trips take priority over any non-class trip. If you would like to reserve a vehicle, please use our on-line Vehicle Reservation Request.

In order to make a request, please fill out the online forms. Emails will not be entertained.

Please read the following before continuing with your reservation request.

Scheduling Conflicts

If you are reserving vans for a class and all 5 vans are already reserved or checked out, and should you still want the requested dates, we will rent van(s) for you from Avis Rental Company. Please note, you will have to pick up the vehicle from Avis Rental Company. If you do not want rental van(s), we will work with you on other available dates.

Non-class Groups

Non-class groups desiring a reservation must include (in an account number to charge for mileage.  Integrative Biology charges the same rate as what UT pays for use of your personal vehicle. Right now, that rate is $0.45/mile. This rate may change without notice.


The Integrative Biology Vehicles are paid for by class fees. This means reservations for class trips have priority. Non-class reservation may be bumped if a class trip is requested for the same date. If bumped, due to reservation conflicts, we will notify the bumped requester as soon as possible.


Integrative Biology has equipment on hand that you may reserve for your field trip.

Equipment available includes:


Transfer Pipets Thermometers Filter Paper
Glue Scissors Ph Buffer solution
Digitals Thermometers Stop Watches Graduated Cylinders
Test Sieves Beakers Squirt bottles
Flow Meters Ice Cube Trays Sample Trays
Clip Boards Measuring Tapes Marking Flags
Ysi Meters Radios Camping Cookware
Gloves Rulers Nitrate Test Kits
Waders Soil Kits Membrane Kits
Phosphate Kits Safety Goggles Lanterns
Light Meters    


Additional special equipment is available upon request. Please use the Equipment Request form for all equipment requests.

In order to make a request, please fill out the online forms. Emails will not be entertained.

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