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IB and PB seminars

Beginning fall 2016 Integrative Biology and Plant Biology merged the IB and PB seminars. Seminars are scheduled for Monday afternoons at 3pm. With this schedule, IB will have about 20 speakers a year including 2 slots reserved for the EEB graduate students. During years of faculty recruitments some IB slots will be used for prospective hires. Plant Biology will have 8 slots, including the Jean Andrews speaker and 2 slots reserved for the PB graduate students. PB faculty should nominate speakers while endeavoring to schedule with a balance between the molecular/cell and organismal/ecology/evolution topics.

Below is a synopsis of how to go about inviting a speaker and what the constraints are.

1) You do not need prior approval to submit a request to invite a speaker. However, you need to be aware that IB will not normally pay for international travel (see Point 5 below).

2) Go to the IB homepage https://integrativebio.utexas.edu/ and click on “Seminars”, then advance through the months to search for an open date and, if your speaker is agreeable to that date, under Resources choose “Request a Seminar Speaker” to submit your request. You will receive confirmation from ibfrontdesk confirming the date has been reserved into the calendar.   In the event there are multiple requests for the same date the default will be to the first submitted request.

3) Every faculty member is given one invitation per program (IB/PB). If all faculty members try to participate, this will work out to approximately one invitation per faculty member every two years. IB faculty members who are in the PB GSC can in theory invite one speaker in each program.

4) We will reimburse travel costs based on the following assumed standard schedule:

  • The speaker arrives Sunday afternoon/evening. We will cover transportation from the airport (cab), dinner, and lodging for Sunday night.
  • On Monday, the speaker has lunch with graduate students. The IB office will order pizza to be delivered to PAT 142 around noon. The graduate-student lunch is limited to 10 - 15 graduate students.
  • The seminar is on Monday at 3pm in MBB 1.210.
  • We will cover dinner Monday evening and a second night of lodging.
  • The speaker leaves Tuesday afternoon. We will cover transportation to the airport (cab).

5) Other logistics issues, expense limitations, etc.:

  • The IB front desk staff member will handle booking flights and lodging for all speakers.
  • The faculty host is responsible for setting up the speaker’s schedule and getting the speaker to and from the airport.
  • The budget limit for each dinner is $200 total. Please note that according to UT regulations, dinner cannot cost more than $75 per person and alcohol cannot comprise more than 50% of the bill. Gratuity is calculated at 20% of the subtotal (not the total).
  • We will typically only reimburse domestic flights to and from Austin, coach fare. Invitations need to be made well in advance (at the absolute minimum 3 weeks before the seminar), so that reasonable airfare can be found.
  • Should speakers have to rebook their travel schedule or stay an extra day due to unforeseen circumstances outside their control, such as inclement weather, IB will normally cover the additional expenses.
  • We will pay an honorarium of $150 to US citizens or resident aliens, except when they are government employees or work for another Texas state institution.
  • The same reimbursement rules will apply to the IB and the PB seminars (except the Jean Andrews seminar, which has a separate budget).
  • Any exceptions from the typical seminar schedule (e.g., international travel) require prior approval by the IB Chair.