• BA in Biology (Faculty Advisor: Jim Mauseth)
  • BSA in Biology (Faculty Advisor: Jim Mauseth)
  • BS in Biology, Teaching (Faculty Advisor: Ruth Buskirk)
  • BS in Biology, Honors (Dean's Scholars) (Faculty Advisors: Arturo DeLozanne, Arlen Johnson, George Pollack, Jeff Barrick)
  • BS in Biology, Human Biology (Faculty Advisor: Jim Bull)
  • BS in Biology, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (Faculty Advisor: Molly Cummings)
  • BS in Biology, Computational Biology (Faculty Advisor: Claus Wilke)
  • BS in Biology, Environmental Science (Faculty Advisor: Norma Fowler)


Biology Courses

For more information about biology courses, please visit the Biology Instructional Office.