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a) You are required to take a minimum of three Plant Biology courses with two courses inside your area of study and one outside your area of study. Research courses (BIO 182, 282, 382) cannot be used to fill this requirement. If you did not enter the program with a Master’s Degree, you can expect to take more than four courses.

b) In addition to the aforementioned courses the student must take BIO 389D Subjects and Skills for Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences in the fall. This is a required course for all first-semester students in the Plant Biology Graduate Program. 

c) Seminar and research courses cannot be used to fulfill the four course minimum requirement.

e) You must take 9 hours during each long semester and 3 during the summer semester to be considered a full-time graduate student.

f) Incomplete courses MUST be completed in the next long semester.

g) Graduate students are expected to receive grades of “A” or “B” in all courses. While “A’s” can cancel “C’s” to keep a grade point average above 3.0 (required), teaching assistantships and fellowships are jeopardized by receiving a grade of “C” in any course. Courses used to fulfill the minimum requirement must be passed with a letter grade of “A” or “B”. The Graduate School does not consider a “C” to be a passing grade.