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PhD students in graduate programs under the department of IB guaranteed five years of financial support paid in the form of Teaching Assistant (TA), Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) or Fellowships. This current academic year's stipend is $28,654 ($2387/month for 12 months). Appointments are processed by semester:

Fall - September 1 - January 15

Spring - January 16 - May 31

Summer - June 1 - August 31

This salary is highly competitive with our peer institutions, many of which are in locations with a higher cost of living. 

Tuition and Fees

During the five years of guaranteed support, tuition is covered in full by your TA, GRA or fellowship. Non-Texas residents will be required to complete a tuition wavier every semester.  Tuition only covers 9 hours of course work in the fall and spring semesters, 3 hours in the summer. Any additional hours taken will be covered by the student.

Health Benefits

The University of Texas provides excellent health insurance for it's graduate students who are either a Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistant, or on Fellowship. TA's and GRA's are eligible for the staff/faculty health insurance through employee health insurance. Graduate student fellows are eligible for student health insurance through student health insurance, which is a gold standard plan. The Student Health Center on campus provides general medical care (e.g., outpatient visit, travel vaccinations) for free or for a nominal fee. 

Fellowships for Research and Travel Support

Every spring semester IB has fellowship competition for research and travel support. The amount you may apply for each year may vary, but the total amount of funding over your entire graduate student career, is up to $10,000  Travel Award funds are up to $2,000 to present at meetings. You may also use a portion of your research or travel funds to attend a conference or workshop.