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Field Trip Vehicle Reservation Information for Integrative Biology


Vehicles are reserved for Integrative Biology courses scheduled through the Biology Instructional Office.

Our courses offer field trips to many places such as: Lady Bird Wildflower Center, Hamilton Pool, Zilker Park, Mayfield Park, Cotulla, Texas and McKinney Falls, to name a few.

All vehicles are reserved through the Department of Integrative Biology in consulation with the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education.

An email will be sent out from the IB Front Office two weeks prior to the beginning of each long semester to field course instructors asking for anticipated needs for the semester.  Once compiled the IB office will work with the Associate Chair to schedule vehicles. Notifications will be sent once field trips have been scheduled to the instructors. Reservations will not be made for future semesters.  

Scheduling Conflicts

If you are reserving vans for a class and all vans are already been reserved or checked out, and should you still want the requested dates, we will rent van(s) for you from Avis Rental Company. Please note, you will have to pick up the vehicle from Avis Rental Company. If you do not want rental van(s), we will work with you on other available dates.

Non-class Groups

The Integrative Biology vehicles are paid for through class fees. Non-class reservations are not allowed.


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