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Vehicle Driver and Training Information

Who Drives

  • Lab Tech Assistants
  • TA's
  • Professors
  • Anyone who is certified to drive University vehicles and 15 passenger vans.
  • Must be an active employee of UT.

Driver Training

We offer Driver Training, for both UT vehicles and 15-passenger vans, to IB faculty and staff. Please note, we cannot access driver records for outside departments.

Driver Requirements

All drivers must have an acceptable driver rating and complete the amount of training appropriate to the vehicle type, for which they will be authorized, prior to driving that vehicle type. If you would like to request training, please use our on-line Application for Driving UT Vehicle.

In order to make a request, please fill out the online forms. Emails will not be entertained.

For more information on driver training requirements:  UT Handbook of Business Procedures.

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